Terms & Conditions

Thank you for taking time to read through our Terms & Conditions with regards to engaging our services.

  1. Surcharge is applicable for makeup starting before 7am. Makeup, hair and dressing will take approx 1.5 to 2 hours.
  2. A deposit of 50% (non-refundable and non transferable to dates , other people or packages) is required in order to confirm the time slot for you. If the deposit is not received, the timeslot will be opened for other purposes. The remaining balance is to be paid in cash on the day services are rendered or transferred the night before. Deposit will be forfeited for any cancellation of any services (be it of full service or reduction of number of looks or services).
  3. For booking of TangYong Team, a deposit of 50% is required in order to confirm the time slot for you. If the deposit is not received, the timeslot will be opened for other purposes. The remaining balance is to be transferred the night before to Valerie as TangYong Team does not handle any cash transactions. Deposit will be forfeited for any cancellation of any services (be it of full service or reduction of number of persons using the service).
  4. Items for deposit paid cannot be changed/transferred to other types of services of equivalent value. (E.g. If you booked for AD 1 look and choose not to use it, you can only pass on to 1 mother/bridesmaid for 1 look at the same date & time booked for.)
  5. Items for deposit paid will be locked in at the price as per quoted. Additional services added on later will be subjected to latest pricings/rates.
  6. Rates quoted will be valid for the period mentioned. If not mentioned, it will be valid for one month from the date of quotation.
  7. In the event where the deposit had been given and the time slot had been confirmed (for Actual Wedding Day/ROM) and there is a change in date, postponement of wedding date, changes to a new date will be subjected to my availability, postponement fee will apply. Deposit will be forfeited in the event that I am not available.
    For Prewedding Shoots (on weekdays), postponement is allowed with sufficient notice (by the night before 10pm) with no additional fee to another date, subjected to my availability. In the event that I come to your location and completed the makeup and hair, service will be considered as rendered even if the photoshoot is cancelled due to rain or unforeseen circumstances.
  8. A time period according to your requirements will be booked for you after receiving the deposit. If there are any changes to the timing you have provided, please update me asap. As I am only saving a particular timeslot for you, any changes of time will be subjected to my availability.
  9. If services are to be provided in hotels, please provide complimentary parking or reimburse it’s equivalent amount. If services are to be rendered in Sentosa, please provide complimentary entry into Sentosa or reimburse it’s equivalent amount.
  10. If services include second march-in/touchup, kindly provide lunch/dinner (1 meal item from room service menu or its equivalent).
  11. Makeup and Hair trial is charged separately if required before confirmation of package. Make up and hairdo will be removed after the session is completed. Each trial session would consist of up to 1 makeup and 2 hairstyles (if package has more than 1 look). Additional styles tried/time beyond 2 hours will be chargeable. Trial will not be used for other purposes (e.g. for any type of shoot such as save the date or prewedding shoot).
  12. Makeup and hair trials will be conducted on weekdays morning/noon at my designated location, arranged according to my availability. (in the east side of Singapore).
  13. Confirmation of the date for trial does not mean confirmation/reservation of time slot for the actual date wedding/ROM. Priority will be given to customers who is willing to secure the timeslot with a deposit. In any case, a timeslot will only be saved when a deposit is received.
  14. For every accessory loaned, a deposit of SGD 100 will be required. Deposit will be fully refundable upon receiving the accessory in its original condition before the next weekend. Deposit will be forfeited and a full payment of the cost price of the hair accessory will be chargeable for failure to comply with this condition. If accessories are damaged or lost through regular mail, the full sum deposit will be forfeited
  15. All services rendered will be non-refundable.
  16. Prices are subjected to changes.

Due to recent events (Covid-19), our terms and conditions has been extended during this period as such:

The below is applicable only for weddings affected during the period of 16 May 2021 to 13 June 2021.

If the wedding is Postponed, and moved to a date I am available, the deposit can be moved for that. However, in the event that it is cancelled, or moved to a date that I am not available, then the full deposit paid will be forfeited. 

If are considering reducing the amount of looks booked for the event (e.g. from 3 looks to 1 look), then balance will still be required to be paid for 1 look before the day of service rendered, while the balance of deposit paid for the additional looks can be kept for future use for equivalent amount of looks for future banquet or prewedding shoot, subjected to my availability.

Postponement or utilisation of remaining deposit is to be within a year of actual date. If the date is moved beyond 2020 to 2021 or 2022, rate differences (if any) will apply.

UPDATE: For bookings made after 1 Oct 2020, and/or postponing the wedding date a second/third time after this date, a postponement fee of $200 will apply to any changes in date, subjected to my availability, otherwise, cancellation charges (forfeiture of deposit) will apply.

Thank you for your understanding in this trying time. Stay healthy and safe everyone!

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