Shrifah Liyah’s Big Day!

As opposed to most Malay brides, Shrifah wanted a natural makeup for her Actual Wedding day. Something simple, natural, that makes her glow. That really got us some reaction from her aunties, but what she wanted was of utmost importance! I gave her a simple French Twist, together with a unique hair accessory that matched her dress.

For her evening look, I glammed and smoked it up, much to the approval of friends and relatives and completed the look with a bright red matte lipstick!

Her last dress for the night was beautiful, one that makes me think of Elsa from Frozen immediately! She opted for a braided side low-do and I gave her matching blue eyeshadow with nude lips. It was gorgeous, unfortunately, my phone did not capture pictures well in low-light.

My interaction with the very patient and lovely Shrifah throughout the day taught me alot about Malay customs and practices. She (together with her cousins) was so sweet as to invite me to watch and participate in her solemnization process. It was truly an eye-opening day for me. Thank you for the wonderful experience and have a blessed marriage Shrifah!

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