Our Journey Begins – Noelle & Hong Xin’s Prewedding Shoot

“Being camera-shy people, we went into our engagement photo shoot somewhat uncertain about how it would turn out but we’re thankful for the little blessings God showered upon us in the process. Hong Xin loves fat ginger cats with nice fur and pretty faces. Noelle has always had a liking for Land Rovers and Jeeps. What were the chances that these 2 uncommon “props” would turn up for our photo shoot unplanned? Coincidence? We think not.

So it is with our relationship. Two people who didn’t think they would be taking their vows together 4 years ago when they first met at work in Certis CISCO have been brought together by God’s grace. And we are thankful for all that He has led us through in our journey to marriage. We look forward to new adventures as our journey of marriage begins!

With Love,
Hong Xin & Noelle”

hxn-16hxn-11hxn-24Inspired by the movie Moonrise Kingdom, Noelle collected many items for this shoot, from vintage trunks, straw bags to the dress she wore. She opted for a full side braid and natural makeup for this nostalgic looking shoot. Crazy loving how it turned out, definitely something different and yet meaningful to the both of them. May you have a blessed journey with each other till the end of time!

Photography by Jestyn Koh Photography

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