Of simple things and natural beauty – Mark and Shi Jia

markjiaPW-2014-05-27-424Photography by The Beautiful Moment.

Shi Jia Prewedding 810364016_693286237402894_2006345651038925120_n10308077_693286190736232_1585242205877636553_n10258509_693286050736246_8292684982811459073_n

Shi Jia Prewedding 9 tumblr_n4p5fh2Jde1stnk2vo1_1280Shi Jia Prewedding 4Shi-Jia-Prewedding-Makeup-1aWoke up at 4am to work on this gorgeous Bride-to-Be for her Prewedding photoshoot. All worth it.

Shi Jia requested for a natural look with a loose, messy and low updo. Unfortunately, her almost jet black hair doesn’t show off the curls and braids, but those fresh flowers in her hair really makes all the difference. Really glad the photos turned out the way she wanted it to be, all thanks to the wonderful photographer! :) 10320590_693286054069579_6834367921980812593_n