Jestyn + Rong’s Actual Day

Xiaorong and Jestyn would be one of the couples I’ve known for a long time by now. I watched them thru theirs ups and downs and can’t be happier for them when they decided to tie the knot! There is no greater joy than to work on brides who completely trust you (she was one of my first brides), and never doubted my¬†ability even though I was still relatively new then. A super chill, fun-loving couple who’d hold the world up if it fell on them, there was nothing that could dampen this day that they waited sooo long for.

That is, until their dog went missing the night before the wedding. Even then, after searching all night, without much sleep, they were determined to go through the day and enjoy every part of it. Through God’s amazing intervention, Santos (the missing dog) managed to find his way from the groom’s place to the bride’s place in the morning!!! The rest was history…

From a crazy gate crash, to riding a bicycle with an entourage following behind to church, they even came up with the idea of a church-wide selfie, you know, to take attendance? :P

Everything was just perfect. There is no prettier bride, than a bride who is happy and truly enjoying herself.

P.S. I also had the privilege to work on her sis, the one that looks just like her, wearing a navy blue dress down the aisle; and her mum in the evening!

P.P.S I can’t help but include some pictures of myself, a rarity that I am not wearing my glasses and completely dressed up.

Lovingly captured by Samuel Goh Photography

Dresses by Blessed Brides

XR morning 3

XR morning 6



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Thank you both for having me on the most special day of your life. Wishing you all the happiness in the world and may God bless you abundantly in your marriage!