Fun with Christabel (3 looks)

Photography by Evangeline Goh

I curated 3 looks for cheery Christabel who has huge doe eyes that are so captivating! To further enhance those eyes, I added false lower lashes for the first look featuring huge flyaway curls and a floral crown. Keeping the look in a peachy pink tone, I kept the look neutral with the focus on those huge eyes.


The second look is Korean Style inspired. I removed the lower lashes, added glow to the face and a droopy line on the eyes for the Aegyo look. Hot Pink hues and gradient lips (that makes them look sooo kissable), do you think she can pass off as a beautiful Korean Star?


Gold eyes and hot red lips are the focus of the last look – Glamour. The gold eyeshadow is subtle yet sophisticated and those red lips gives a sexy feel. Great for functions/dinner/events. Which look do you like best on Christabel?

Christabel-Makeup-Glam2Christabel-Glamour-Makeup-1Behind the scenes.