Rachel & Alwyn’s Big Day!

Rachel engaged me for her ROM several months ago through the facebook page. Little did we know that we had close common friends until months later when she was speaking to her wedding planner about her HMUA and my name rang a bell! Weeks later, I met Alwyn (her now husband) at another common’s friend wedding. Singapore is truly a small place!

It was a pleasure and joy to work on Rachel, this time for her special big day! This time, she grew her short hair out a little more and coloured her hair a beautiful shade of brown. For the morning, I created a hairstyle that gives the illusion of a long hair, feminine, fresh, and hid a tiara in it as well. The photos accurately captures every detail of this beautiful glowing bride. Congratulations Rachel! :)

Photography by juxtapose pix

Bridesmaids dresses by mylittlebow

Rachel and Alwyn-1Rachel and Alwyn-2Rachel and Alwyn-4